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If you're interested in scientific research and joining a research team, and you want to publish a paper in a classified journal, then this School is suitable for you.
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Course Overview

School Start:  10 June

School Description

Welcome to our exciting course where we will delve into the expansive world of biomedical research. We’ll begin by exploring the fundamental principles of the scientific method and conclude with the essential steps involved in the publication process, such as responding to reviewers and revisions. In addition, we’ll touch upon the future directions of biomedical research and the opportunities that lie ahead.

Our comprehensive course is designed to provide practical skills and knowledge that will help you excel in the field of biomedical research. Through hands-on activities, group discussions, case studies, and assignments, you’ll be able to apply what you’ve learned and gain valuable insights into this fascinating field

School Content

  • Module 1: Basic Principle of Biomedical Research
  • Module 2: Fundamentals of Scientific Research
  • Module 3: Literature Search and Review
  • Module 4: Experimental Design and Methodology
  • Module 5: Data Collection and Analysis
  • Module 6: Scientific Writing Principles
  • Module 7: Manuscript Preparation and Submission
  • Module 8: Navigating the Publishing Landscape
  • Module 9: Responding to Peer Review and Revisions
  • Module 10: Communicating Medical Research Findings
  • Module 11: Practical Strategies for Publication Success
  • Module 12: Future Directions in Biomedical Research

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Dr. Mohamed Ali

  •  holds a Master of Science In Medical Biotechnology from the University of Illinois College of Medicine – Rockford.
  • He was also a Graduate Student Researcher at the same Institution.
  • He earned his Bachelor of Pharmacy from Al-Azhar University
  • He won a USAID Graduate Scholarship for Professionals in 2020.

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Dr. Mohamed Ali

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